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If you are interested in just an overview of this subject, just read the section summaries. On March 2015, comes the turn of Gundam Double-X from the series After War Gundam X. The Elgin 1888 Material Catalog The version of the 1888 MC that I have is in the 1890 King & Eisele jewelry supply catalog. Coming on February 2015 is the Exia Dark Matter from Gunpla Build Fighters.

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From the very beginning, Elgin was finishing and selling over 100 watches per day and were working on thousands more. Technical Elgin Wayne’s Projects This document tries to lay out the facts and draw some conclusions about what is really going on here. If you have software or keygen to share, feel free to submit it to us here. Up until the mid to late 1870s, Elgin used to keep track of the different types of watches they made and had no concept of grade numbers. This kit is perfect for those collecting in the 1/100 scale who love those lesser known kits that might never see any Master Grade release.

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The table : similar to the 1896 and 1904, except class 47 shows grade 28 instead of grade 23. These movements were not marked with a grade name, instead they only had a serial number and the Elgin name.

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Movement serial number is highlighted Originally used by: Manufacturing and later by watchmakers for repairs. All runs of the “Lady Elgin” grade were changed to grade 29. It was definitely gone by the 1927 Material Catalog. Crossbone Gundam is likely a little shorter than your average Master Grade Gundam because late Universal Century Gundam’s are shorter then most other Universal Century or Alternate Universe Gundams.

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Maybe the lack of having any grade numbers even on the shipping tins may have required a serial number list to be published. The class number is still useful in helping collectors determine the quality of a little known watch grade. If two Elgin watches have different grades, there is something physically different about them.

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First non-beveled Aries – Master Grade Flamed Koa Top.

There isn’t much information available about this time period. Maybe this corresponds to an update they did between the 1896 and 1904 Material Catalogs, I’m not sure.

The Elgin 1904 Material Catalog

Most runs were for only 1,000 watches, but for very popular grades, the runs could be 10,000 or more. The grade 29 Lady Elgin has similar errors in the documented locations of the jewels and the existence of jewel screws, and it also gives a jewel count of only 11 instead of 15.


The USPTO has given the MASTER GRADE trademark serial number of 78891652. I modelli della serie MG, inoltre, una volta assemblati sono eventualmente trasformabili.

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It is not clear if these two events are related, but it probably would have been hard for Elgin to get the Swiss to mark their watches with a unique serial number and keep everything straight. We have in the course of preparation the most complete as well as the most expensive Movement Holder and Tin Box Carrier for safely carrying all grades of movements of our manufacture. These dates are based on the “generally accepted dates” for serial numbers, which may not be accurate, however these dates do match up with other dates. Tel: 800-698-7373 E-Mail: [email protected] Â

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There is other evidence that Elgin strung out at least the last letter prefix (‘I’) over a number of years, and quite possibly they stretched the last several prefix series (‘R’, ‘P’, and ‘K’). So long as you take your time, and follow the instructions, it will come out OK! (Being able to read some Japanese helps) afterwards i did 3 HG/RG kits, until tacking my latest MG kit, the Hi-Nu Gundam, Ver. Elgin uses the term “model” to distinguish which major design pattern was used for the grades in each size.